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1 Code of Conduct for Students Our Code of Conduct serves as a guiding framework to outline the principles, expectations, and responsibilities that shape interactions of UGS in the school community:  To carry a positive and healthy attitude towards learning.  To be in proper dress as per school programme.  To hold the sanctity and dignity of the institution ahead of the person.  To pay importance to the daily routine and participate wholeheartedly in the school programme.  To be not absent from the course of routine without prior permission from the Principal or any other competent authority.  To be courteous while conversing with others thus revealing the qualities of a gentleman.  To bow down to teachers and their representatives on first meet after re-joining and last meet before departure on vacations or special leave from UGS.  To demonstrate healthy classroom behaviour and contribute the time and energy primarily to attain knowledge and should in no-way distract or demean the position of teacher.  To be responsible for safekeeping of one’s own belongings as well as take care of the school property. Any damage done due to the misuse or tampering to school property will be viewed as a detrimental behaviour.  To follow the instructions / advice of the teachers or wardens or any other school staff without any preference.  To follow the decorum in the classroom or dining-hall or any other place and should not display any kind of unpleasant or detrimental behaviour.  To not leave the premises without obtaining proper permission from the Principal or any other competent authority.  To uphold the culture and values, and so particularly abstain from the use of any abusive, impolite, derogatory or insulting language or behaviour.  Not to keep any kind of electronic gadgets like laptop, ipod, mobile phone, pocket money, civil dress or any kind of item which are not enlisted in the school prospectus.  To show consistency with marked improvement in studies.  To show the early signs of a responsible citizen of the world community and refrain from any other kind of misuse or overuse of the resources viz. wastage of electricity, water, food, papers, etc.  To keep in mind that they are a part of the global community and thus to be well behaved, cultured and gentle towards everyone and portray oneself as a role model for others to look into.
2 General Instruction for Teachers • To utilize first few minutes of the first period to instruct the students regarding uniform, performance in morning assembly, class discipline, maintenance of students’ possessions, class –room furniture and school property, cleanliness of class-rooms, general manners, etiquettes and good habits. • To report for duty in time and to record the exact time of arrival and departure in Staff Attendance Register on every working day. • To be present in the morning assembly ground at least five minutes before the assembly bell goes. • To observe, instruct and help the students to maintain proper discipline and to participate actively in the morning assembly. • To check the uniform of the students of the class and record the uniform defaulters regularly. • To take the roll call of the students of the class and ensure that the same has been recorded in the attendance on Daily Attendance Register. • To maintain the Student’s Attendance Register properly. To submit them complete in all respects, to the Headmistress and Principal for checking along with the lists of uniform defaulters and absentees on the last working day of every month. • To intimate properly the detailed weekly timetable to the students and parents and the change (if any). • To make a proper division of books/note books/work books and ask the students to bring them to the school as per instructions. • To make a proper and regular use of the Student’s Diary to assign homework and to communicate with the parents. To fill regularly the columns like-Home Work Not Done, Note Book Not Brought, Uniform Defaulters, Late Coming, Absentee Note etc. • To prepare and display the class time-table and class information chart in the class room. • To assign the home work regularly. To check and evaluate carefully and thoroughly all the class and home assignments. To put signatures with date after checking. • To instruct the students, especially the monitors to maintain proper discipline in the class-rooms as well as in the school. • To observe the conduct of every student and report to the Principal about naughty/mischievous/problems students. • Not to leave the classes unattended in any case. • To plan the teaching work in advance, consulting the syllabus and courses of studies meant for the class and teach the students as per guidelines and instructions issued there in and notified from time to time. • To give due importance to Oral Work, Handwriting, Reading, pronunciation etc. • To report if a student is not feeling well or suffering from any ailment or infection. • To be present on the last working day of every month to discuss the performance, progress and problems of the students with their parents/guardians. Not to indulge in any sort of discussion with parents without permission in daily routine. • Physical punishment is strictly prohibited in school campus/classroom. Kindly avoid it. In case of incompleteness of home work/class work/, kindly write notice in the diary. • To inspire, motivate, persuade and guide the students. • To talk in English with students and colleagues in the school. • To make a careful reading of the notices/circulars/office-orders and to work accordingly. • To make suggestions and proposals for betterment of the students and school. • Class-in-charge are to maintain proper record of leave applications of the students of their respective class. • To report the name/s of the long absentees (continuous absence without any sanction of leave for more than 10 days) in written to the Principal. • To guide, encourage, motivate, inspire, help and facilitate the students in their pursuits of studies & activities. • To give special & personal attention to slow learners/physically handicapped/mentally retarded/naughty students and suggest remedial methods seeking co-operation of the parents for better performance and conduct. • To give general commands and instructions in English inside outside the class-room to improve the communicative skill of the students. • Build one to one relationship with students • Make students aware of realities of life • Inspire students to face problems with braveness • Provide important information in both oral and written formats • Keeping records of students’ extracurricular activity (Various competitions i.e. dance, song, drawing and painting, debate and speech, sports and games etc.) • Checking Student’s diary on daily basis. • Work on your own way of English Speaking. Provide enough practice for each student to speak in English. More focus will be given to academic challenged student(weak student) • Prepare your lesson/topic plan well in advanced. Teacher has to carry lesson/topic plan in each class. (Compulsory). Submit your lesson plan on Saturday without fail. Feel free to prepare lesson/topic plan in advance according to your convenience. Divide a big lesson into different main topics and prepare lesson plan ahead. • Ensure proper seating arrangement for the weak students near by the teacher (i) Help weak students (ii) teach weak student like a tuition teacher (iii) ensure equal level of learning for one and all. Non Academic Responsibility • Ensure that electric fans/bulbs are not on if the students are not in the class or before leaving any classroom • Ensure that classroom is neat and clean if not then inform concern person to do it • Ensure that the classroom items like chalks, duster, charts etc. must be written in demand register placed on reception counter in at least one week advance • Ensure that students are maintaining discipline during going to water point/washroom/playground/returning to class/ eating in class/maintain silence • Ensure that your suggestion for improvement of academic and non-academic environment of school must be written in teacher’s suggestion register placed on reception counter. For Unified Global School
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UNIFIED GLOBAL SCHOOL (UGS),established in 2023 by a Visionary, Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary, aims to create and nurture a learning culture that ushers change through education. We look towards creating a unique perspective on the role of schooling in our culture towards building a strong nation. UGS has a healthy setting and has all the amenities and facilities to entice children and induce them to learn, play, dance and attain all-round development and excel in every sphere under the guidance of excellent teachers and caring mentors Our focus is to prepare children with 21st-century skills with learning through inquiry, conceptual understanding, differentiated instruction, and technology integration being pillars of our pedagogy.

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